Azom Website 2.0 – Live Now!

Our updated website is live now. Inline you will find an overview of new features –

Customization Options –

In-page Customization Tool for Exigo & Legion. This allows Customers to choose their desired configuration while keeping a track of pricing variation at component level. We have not implemented any Payment Gateway as we want to re-confirm configuration details with customer and engage in a technical discussion before finalizing order to clarify any technical or sales related queries.

Sales process has not been automated as these are built to order products , and we feel that a technical consultation before placing order will enable customers to make an informed purchase decision. Also, since we are not into mass market products , and target a niche segment of Compute Ecosystem , the Human Connect Factor is an important aspect for us, ensuring we deliver right product configuration as per end usage requirements.

Mobile Compatible –

Website is now mobile compatible with all features and should be accessible on all modern smartphones.

In-site Blog –

Goodbye Tumblr! We were using Tumblr for all updates and customer spotlights. Going forward all updates will be posted on our in-site blog which can be accessed through “Updates” on Home Page.

Support & Knowledge Base Portal –

Customer Portal is now live. Existing Customers can raise support tickets and access knowledge base articles for Exigo & Legion.

We’d love getting your feedback and what you want to see discussed (and showcased) in the future. Thanks for your time!

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