Customer Spotlight – Naveen

” My old laptop was a five year old first generation Intel core i5 (Arrandale, Pre Sandy-Bridge) with a Radeon hd5650). She served me well despite the inhumane treatment(overclocking/10 hour gaming/matlab sim sessions on an acer chassis LOL) she got from me. I had to underclock/undervolt the CPU and remove the inbuilt keyboard exposing the chassis just to keep temps below 100 degrees celcius. A new powerful pc was long overdue and since I had graduated recently and started working I could finally afford something on my own. Honestly I prefer desktops over laptops but since I was used to the portability my old laptop provided I wanted more of that but with a lot more power. Exigo and Azom were the answer. The rest is history. XD


Azom Laptop – Exigo
Clevo Barebone – P750DM
Display – 15.6” IPS Full-HD 1920×1080 16:9 Matte (anti-glare)
CPU – Intel Skylake Desktop Grade i5-6600
RAM – G.Skill Ripjaws 2x8GB 2133MHz DDR4
Storage1 – SATA 2.5” 1TB 5400rpm HDD
Storage2 – M.2 2280 120GB SATA SSD (BOOT DRIVE)
Operating System – Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit (Pre-loaded)

Games Owned Currently:

Mass effect trilogy, Andromeda pre-ordered
Far Cry 4
GTA 4, EFLC, 5
Rise of the Tomb Raider
Dota 2
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain
Dragon Age: Origins
The Witcher 3 GOTY edition

Software Related to Work/Hobbies:

Code Composer Studio V6
Cadence OrCAD
DesignSpark PCB

Experience –


1. Can max out most games released in 2016 or before @1080p60fps
2. No unwanted software. (Bloatware)
3. No CPU/GPU throttling during extended gaming sessions.
4. IPS panel color reproduction is pretty sweet
5. Socketed components instead of Soldered. Can be swapped out if the need for an upgrade arises.
6. Thunderbolt 3- Opens up the option to add an external GPU in the future since nvidia screwed over older models with the new non standard mxm gpus.
7.Keyboard layout is pretty good and has decent travel for adequate feedback.The heat is mostly towards the bottom and rear so you don’t have to get your palms fried in case you are using the inbuilt keyboard for gaming.
8. Speakers are well balanced for inbuilt ones and the Soundblaster software does a great job.
9. Harsh, Arindam and the Azom Team. XD ^_^.
10. Price Performance ratio.


1.Carrying around a 4.4kg (laptop 3.5kgs + power brick 900g ). :@
2. Dust/Fingerprint Magnet.
3. IPS Light Bleed. It is almost unavoidable with IPS panels.
4. Monitor refresh rate is locked at 60Hz. (This is a personal issue which can be solved by using an external monitor with a higher refresh rate.)” – Naveen


That’s all folks, on this customer spotlight. Special thanks to Naveen for choosing Azom Exigo for his compute requirements and best wishes from our team on his future endeavors.

Feel free to reach out to us for any custom computing requirement through our website.And of course, we’d love getting your feedback and what you want to see discussed (and showcased) in the future.

Until next time ….


Team Azom

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