Customer Spotlight – Sumanta

I am a Fan of PC gaming and always looked forward to owning a good PC gaming setup. But due to the nature of my job and change of job location nearly every year a desktop was not an option.

High Performance Laptops available from reputed brands in India didn’t really offer a good price vs. performance. I was looking for something in laptop segment with good price vs. performance ratio and somewhat future proof for the next couple of years which will solve my gaming and multimedia needs.
As my search for a desktop replacement laptop was going on I chanced upon a post in digit about AZOM. I was initially skeptical and later decided to talk to them. I still do remember the conversation I had with Harsh, we discussed on quality, after sales support etc. He had the patience of a saint as I did call quite a few times and each time I was having some doubt about their product. Eventually, I decided to go ahead with the purchase.

Harsh and his team helped me with the specs based on my requirement. I would also like to highlight that never ever I had the feeling that the AZOM sales team is trying to push something that I may not require just to increase the cost during the entire purchase process. Post-purchase the delivery was fast and AZOM tech support team helped me through the initial setup and driver upgrade process. The core tech specs of my setup are Core I7 6700 Desktop CPU, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, GeForce GTX 970M & Win 10 Pro. The setup is capable enough to play all the recent PC games with game recommended settings. The onboard Onkyo speakers are sufficient for all your binge-watching needs as well but do remember this is a laptop only.

I have been using the system for my IT, gaming and media requirements since last 3 years and never faced a single issue till date. When it comes to customer support it’s essential to be able to handle issues for customers and do your best to ensure they are satisfied and this is where Team AZOM really shines. A keyboard key was damaged in my laptop and they replaced the key for free (even postage they took care) even after the warranty support was over. They could have easily suggested replacing the entire keyboard to fix the issue instead, they went the extra mile and shipped me the damaged key parts only which save a ton of my money. Thank you Team AZOM for the support.

A couple of future upgrades I would like to see in their next line of products: A better quality screen, the current screen suffers from IPS Glow & a bit more robust keyboard. ” – Sumanta

That’s all folks, on this customer spotlight. Special thanks to Sumanta for choosing Azom Exigo for his compute requirements and best wishes from our team on his future endeavors.

Feel free to reach out to us for any custom computing requirement through our website.And of course, we’d love getting your feedback and what you want to see discussed (and showcased) in the future.

Until next time ….

Team Azom

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